Chicory is a San Francisco brand that creates luxury accessories with a modern aesthetic. At Chicory, we create beautiful accessories because we believe they are the defining components of any ensemble. Not only can they delicately enhance your look or strikingly transform it, accessories let you express your own individuality transcending trends and seasons.

 “ Modern Parisian style with a hip San Francisco vibe” 

Add a pop of color to your outfit with unique, chic and high quality accessories – the modern Parisian way but with a hip, bold and artsy San Francisco vibe with our designs.

Our products provide an experience in color, quality, design, material and fashion. Every product that we make is inspired by beautiful elements around us and is designed to be stylish, effortless and sophisticated.

Our first line of accessories are scarves – a quintessential accessory that molds to your own personal style. The diminutive scarf has the power to transform any look by adding color, dimension, texture, subtlety or raw energy to any outfit.

Our mission is to promote sustainable fashion and empower local artisans especially women in the countries where the materials are sourced and manufactured. Chicory embraces and honors careful material selection, artisanal looming and small batch production to yield the highest quality products. By combining hand craftsmanship with modern production techniques we produce exquisite accessories that inspires and compliments every look.



Cashmere Knit Our cashmere knits are produced in one of the most premier mills in the famous cashmere valley of Umbria, Italy. The Bastia Umbria region of Perugia in Italy has a 100 year old tradition of hand crafted cashmere knits. Each scarf is hand made by expert craftsmen using 100% Italian cashmere yarn of the highest and first grade cashmere. The result is an exquisitely soft and luxurious fabric that is transformed into a timeless scarf.

Cashmere Woven Our woven scarves are produced in a valued Scottish mill with a 200-year heritage of impeccable quality and workmanship. The yarns are acquired from the finest grade Scottish cashmere yarn, woven in modern looms and expertly hand finished to produce impeccable scarves. The exciting designs express the contemporary flair and easy elegance that our brand represents.

Premium Silk Twill Scarves Our silk twill scarves are produced in a premium facility in China which controls every step of the production from the raw 100% Mulberry silk fiber to the premium twill yarn. The yarns are produced in small batches and produced into silk twill fabric, which is manually inspected for the highest quality. Chicory’s hand drawn illustrations, modern patterns and designs are digitally imprinted to produce scarves which are then hand rolled and hemmed by artisan craftsmen to produce the colorful, sublime soft scarves that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Premium Linen Scarves Our fine linen scarves, crafted by master artisans from India. Our finest yarn is sourced from France and Belgium and hand woven using traditional and time honored looming techniques. The resulting weave, delicate yet complex, produces an elegant and luxurious fabric which is par excellence in quality and loved by all those who embrace it.  Traditional in its roots yet modern and chic in its design, our fine linen promises to be an affair to remember.

Every Scarf at Chicory is inspired by elements around us and is designed to be stylish, modern and sophisticated. With a fresh new approach to luxury, we hope to deliver the highest standards to the ultimate discerning individual-you!